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Smudging set
Angel Guidance
Healing Luna

"I never thought magic could feel this infinite and spot on but all of my items has become a part of my everyday life since my first purchase"


"Absolutely beautiful and perfect. I asked for a custom design with two foxes in love and got just that and more 😍 I also asked for Keyring attachments and that was no problem for lovely Gabi. I highly highly recommend this shop, the care & energy that goes in to your talisman is second to none. I will definitely be purchasing again and again. Thank you!"


“The Valkyria name tag is so special because it is made only for me and my dog specifically”


“Such love and craftmanship has gone into this item! I wear the necklace every day and the candle is amazing! I feel so blessed to have Gabi assist and support us!”


“You made me into a superwoman who doesn't need sleep! This makes me motivated to meditate”


“The item arrived safely and packaged very beautifully just like the image. All hand made, five stars!”


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Estimated time before the items are shipped depends on how big your order is.

All packages are shipped sometime between 1-3 weeks no matter in which country you live.


Shipping prices might seem high but please remember that I am a small business owner and the nearest post office is 25km away so the shipping price includes gas, boxes, stamps and bags.


We never send the packages with a tracking number because it costs alot! If you however wish to get a tracking number, the price is 170 sek.

Once the package is sent, you will get an email, but once your package is at the post office, the resbonsibility is out of my hands. Any lost packages will not be replaced and the best thing is to contact your post office/service if this happens.