Great gemstones for your animal!


Will help reduce fear and worries/It promotes sleep/ calms an anxious pet/ and boosts self-esteem.


It can be used for everything including pain/disorientation/ headaches/ eye problems/ balancing blood sugar and is also useful to reduce anger and impatience/It clears negative energy/calms rattled nerves/and is an all around healer.

Black Onyx

Useful for bowel health/eliminating parasite and for protection/Helpful during times of stress/such as physical illness or trauma/Onyx helps to strengthen and stabilize bones and muscles.

Blue lace agate

Promotes sleep/calms an anxious pet/and boosts self-esteem/Good for detachment from irritation and annoyance and will bring relaxation and pleasantness.


Supports overall health/strength/and endurance/balancing the chakras and for grounding negative or excessive energies and is also used to increase intuition.


Helps with confidence/stimulates appetite/useful for skin and circulatory system/kidneys and the gallbladder/Promotes individuality/courage/happiness and harmony/It also helps release emotions such as anger/fear/and envy.


Helpful for reducing anxiety/fear/depression and allergies/Useful for spleen/kidneys/liver and the urinary system/Citrine helps animals to adapt and get used to strange and bewildering circumstances.


Useful for digestion and purifying the blood and lymphatic system/Aids Mental and emotional clarity.


Beneficial for the reproductive system/It also has the healing powers for focus/distress and balance.


Useful for the muscular system and is also used to improve relationships.


Improves the immune system/nervous system and the heart/Helps with courage and emotional balance/A wonderful stone for sick and injured animals/Also a brilliant stone to use with animals that has been mistreated or abused before.


The supreme nurturing stone/Its grounding ability supports tranquility and inner strength during times of stress or danger.

KyaniteUseful for bone structure/Will help shy pets and encourage their communication/Use for fever/thyroid and parathyroid/as well as adrenal glands/throat and brain.

Lapis Lazuli

Useful for hearing problems and nervous system/Helps with anxiety and restlessness/A very powerful cleanser of both emotional and physical toxins/It has a particular affinity with the respiratory system. 


Heart problems/liver detoxification.


Helps balance emotions and the digestive system and also to reduce swelling. 

Moss agate

A wonderful source of Earth energy/Relaxing and grounding.


absorbs negative energy and heat.


Balances the mind and calms sudden bursts of aggression.

Quartz (clear)

Amplifies subtle vibrations/attracts light and high energy on all levels/Good for the nervous system and swellings/A master healer that is effective for all conditions/strengthening the aura and protecting against negative energies/Will help strengthen your pets immune system and can also stimulate energy levels.

Rose quartz

Good for injuries/wounds/reduces stress/Will help your pet learn to accept love and companionship without fear/It is ideal to use when introducing a new pet into your household.


Useful for nervousness and has a calming effect/Good for settling down during travel.

Tiger's eye

Helps with courage and self-confidence/releases tension and develops will-power/This powerful stone creates courage and confidence and is good for the entire digestive system.


Mostly used to overcome negative energy in various forms. 


A master healer that can be used for everything, protective. 


Very good for separation anxiety/Will make your pet feel everything with love and patience/It promotes calmness and releases worries/Great for protection and removing bad energy in general.